Half-Marathon Course Narrative Description

Become familiar with Running the USATF Sanctioned
Quilcene Half-Marathon!

• Charge out under the Start banner and get yourself set for one of the most scenic half-marathons of your life!

• Two quick lefts take you around Museum Corner (be sure to stop in at the museum post-race to see and read the interesting history of the area).

• Find your pace as you cruise along Center Road. The 10K runners peel off to the right leaving you to tackle the Fish Ladder (a series of moderate climbs with flats in-between).

• Just past the 3-mile mark you get relief from the challenging start by turning right, passing a water station as you level out onto Dabob Flats.

• After a level quarter-mile, it’s another right turn into the woods and up the Huffalump (the last uphill for quite a while).

• Find your cruising gear as you wind through the Forest Fantastic and enjoy being surrounded by the dense Douglas firs. Before your 3 miles in the woods is over, you transition to a more open Alder Avenue.

• Once you see pavement again, you are nearly halfway! Take a left and keep your head up; there’s still more to see!

• You quickly pass Cellphone Siding (a spot where some locals have to go to use their cell phones). In the distance you’ll see Tricky Hill and, yes, it is steep; old-timers had to take a long run at it to get their cars up this beast. It’s a hard, but brief climb and once you conquer it you’ll see a welcome water station and the mile 7 sign. The hard climbing is over!

• Don’t hang your head or you’ll miss the spectacular views of the Olympic Mountains before the road takes you through more forest. In less than a mile, you reach the Summit of the course. A bit further and you’ll see the turnaround at Bobcat Lane with another water station.

• After cresting Summit again, the course is nearly all downhill. You get to enjoy Olympics View again and Tricky Hill is now friendlier, letting you pick up speed downhill.

• Continue past Cellphone Siding again but where you exited the gravel forest road (on your right) continue on the paved road this time so you can enjoy the ¾-mile downhill Mountain Slide as Lindsay Hill Road gives up elevation quickly.

• You’re led onto East Quilcene Road where you join the 5K and 10K courses. Pass the 11-mile sign on the slight uphill before relaxing along the East Bay Easy (a gradual downhill that will lead you back to Quilcene). You cross Donovan Creek where a kingfisher and red-wing blackbirds often stand sentry.

• Your last mile takes you along Blackberry Boulevard (dense blackberry bushes along the banks of the Little Quilcene River that just finished providing their delicious fruit).

• As you reach the stop sign stewards will direct you across Center Road where you cross the Little Quil again, two rights at Museum Corner (remember to stop in) and into the chute and across the finish line.

Collect your medal, enjoy the complimentary food and spend some time in friendly Quilcene.

More Half-Marathon Course Details

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